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Friar Alessandro

Achetez "Voice of Peace" (Voix de la Paix)


Welcome, friends, to my Twitter feed where I will be posting updates and messages from my home in Assisi. Here I will show you my latest Thought of the Day which you can follow yourself here.

"A chi appartengo? Se appartengo a me stesso, morirò con me stesso. Se appartengo a qualcuno, moriremo insieme. Se… https://t.co/iG4MmDedV1"

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À propos de Friar Alessandro

En rencontrant Frère Alessandro Brustenghi, on se rend immédiatement compte qu'il existe quelque chose de béatifique, voire d'angélique chez lui. Il est mince et beau dans sa soutane marron. Lors de notre rencontre à l'église Porziuncola de la Basilica ...

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Friar Alessandro in the USA and London

Friar Alessandro, after the screening of his first solo concert on American television on the PBS network, should be seen again on a national channel this month. He is due to feature on the CBS Sunday Morning show which is scheduled to air on 16th April, Easter Sunday morning. Next month he will perform in two concerts in the USA: the first in New York at the St. Paul the Apostle Church on 10th May, and the second at the Basilica in St. Louis, Missouri on 12th May. Before that Alessandro will give a concert at St. George’s Cathedral, Southwark in central London on 6th May.

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