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Friar Alessandro


From West to East Spreads a 'Voice of Peace'

Monday 28th of September 2015

Friar Alessandro has now completed a trilogy of CDs for Decca Records/Universal Music enshrining the essential message of the founder of the Franciscan Order to which he belongs. The original voice from Assisi had only one Word to say – because he announced Christ rather than himself – but what he transmitted to the World was felt as Joy and Peace. Francis always wanted to give back the gifts that he had received from God, and Friar Alessandro, following in his footsteps, wishes to pass on the same message through the gift which he received from the same source, his golden voice. This rang out for the first time in his critically acclaimed debut album “Voice from Assisi”; then announced the birth of the Saviour in the follow up “Voice of Joy” and it now proclaims the greeting of Francis – “May the Lord give you peace!” – in his latest album “Voice of Peace”, which is to be released on 23rd October 2015.

Friar Alessandro will be appearing at a number of events in Italy  most notably with the orchestra which accompanied him for the album, the Camerata Ducale, of Vercelli. A concert is to be staged in Vercelli itself on 7th November, in the theatre where a large part of the latest CD was in fact recorded.   But the characteristic of Franciscans has always been not to keep this message of joy and peace for themselves but to go out from their own country and spread it personally in the most far flung places. In line with this tradition Friar Alessandro will be making appearances in the west and centre of Canada, the north of England and in Russia over the coming few months. Following up on his most recent appearance in St. Peter’s Square, in Rome where he sang and was interviewed before thousands of people for a televised event celebrating the Year of Consecrated Life, he has accepted invitations to both talk and sing at events organized for the same purpose in both Calgary (16th November) and Edmonton (19th November). He will then move on to Toronto for appearances there, giving a concert on 22nd November at the St. John Paul II Cultural Center.

He returns across the Atlantic to perform at a concert in Newcastle upon Tyne in England on 27th November and will return then to Italy to appear in other events coming up to Christmas. He will conclude the festive season with a visit to Moscow for the De Boni Arte Festival of Music on 10th January 2016, after which he returns to the quiet of ordinary friary life.    

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